Project Proposals

Interested in submitting a project team proposal to OpenTravel?

Process for Project Team Proposals

  1. Select a proposal form to use: schema development, business requirements definition, or study. Need help deciding which type of proposal is right for your project, click here.
  2. Fill out the form. If you need assistance, contact the chair or co-chair of the appropriate work group, or the spec manager for the work group.  For an example of how others used the template see sample proposals by clicking here.
  3. Proposals are first reviewed by the work group, which may have questions and suggested changes, based on their experience.
  4. Once you've made changes to the proposal, the final version is due to the Interoperability (IO) Committee for review.
  5. IO members may also have questions or suggested changes, and will contact you directly.
  6. Once IO has approved the proposal, work can begin immediately.

Please Remember Only OpenTravel members are allowed to submit project team proposals.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Schedules and deadlines for upcoming cycles can be found here.
  2. Start early! Waiting until the last minute will put review of the proposal at risk and put undue pressure on the review process.
  3. Project teams must be made up of more than one OpenTravel member. Need help identifying other OpenTravel members who might be interested in a particular project? Email

Which Type of Project Proposal?

OpenTravel has three types of project team proposals - schema development, business requirements definition, and a study.

A schema development proposal outlines the actual messages that will be created or modified during the course of the project. A schema development project assumes all business requirements have been defined and the project team is ready to begin writing code. The output of this type of project is XML schema files.

A business requirements definition proposal outlines the business requirements needed to create or modify a message or messages. This type of project allows OpenTravel members to come together to create or collect business requirements that will ultimately result in the creation of new messages or the modification of existing messages. The output of this type of project are business requirements that can be used to create schema, and possibly a project team proposal for schema development based on the defined requirements.

A study proposal outlines some other type of work needed to be done (aside from business requirements and schema development) to understand the need for a new message or the modification of an existing message. Study work could include surveys or other types of research. The output of this type of project could be research results and possibly a finding or recommendation for further work, or a project team proposal for business requirements definition or schema development.

Sample Project Team Proposals