Hospitality Workgroup

The purpose of this project is to create the objects, services and operations needed to search for hotel availability and book a hotel reservation.  Draft objects created from the 1.0 OTA_HotelResRQ/RS and OTA_HotelAvailRQ/RS have been imported into the 2.0 sandbox as a starting point for this team to review.  This team will enhance the 2.0 model by modifying and moving the appropriate draft objects into the appropriate libraries in the 2.0 repository and creating new objects as needed.  This will benefit the OpenTravel community as this project will continue to e

Expedia and IHG, OpenTravel member companies, have proposed a project to create purpose-built product management messages. These messages will be used to handle the creation, modification and deletion of hotel products that will be used to replace the existing processes that are currently highly manual and asynchronous and are subject to delays and inaccuracies.

The Reviewer Information Project is focused on gathering travelers' experience and incorporating their reviews of the hotels where they have stayed into enhanced HotelDescriptive Content and other hotel or generic messages.

The Vacation Rental Project consists of a two-fold study of the existing 1.0 XML Message Suite Hotel schema to determine what existing functionality is common to vacation rentals; and from this, create schema specification for any additional and enhanced vacation rental functionality required to support XML objects in the 2.0 XML Object Suite.


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